Dear Diary,

Two weeks of interning at The Sunday Times is over (blog post coming soon), which means I have no option but to start revising. Somehow the prospect of slogging away at an unpaid internship, for which you are unlikely to get any immediate recognition (other than a distant glimmer of employment), seems 100x more appealing than furthering my knowledge of Politics, Current Affairs, Russian, Journalism Skills and the History of Journalism for these exams- hence why I am writing to you.

Iv'e updated my LinkedIn profile - #profesh, sent thank you emails and hopefully made it up to my boyfriend for acting unreasonably. Now all that's left is work... wish me luck.

In other news, I am procuring a hamster, or rather my friends aged hamster of 1 1/2 years is making the journey down from London to retire in somerset for the rest of it's natural life (as long as my mum doesn't read this first). We're not sure how long it has left (100 days approx.), in which time I hope to custom build him a home, Victorian bird cage style. I'm also going to rename him Ziggy.

Edit: Mum said NO HAMSTER because i'll be travelling, dreams shattered.