Is Print Journalism Dead?

When the notion of becoming a Journalist first popped into my head, my vision of success wasn't being published online amongst thousands of... well, unprofessional blogs like this one. The pinnacle of success I  aspired towards was to see my name roll off the printing presses. Ask any writer and their view is likely to be or have been the same. But now is a time for change, i'm taking print off that pedestal and you should too. With declining print sales it is no longer the way to reach the mass audience.

Print is declining as the world of Journalism continues to change, a notion we are constantly reminded of here on City's BA Journalism course. However it ain't that simple, as proved today at City's '#cityuisprintdead?' lecture. Here's a short snap shot of the points that stood out from todays speakers:


1. 'The Independent is the first proper newspaper closure since 'Today' in the 80's' - Dominic Ponsford (Editor of Press Gazette)
The future of Print Journalism has had bad press the last couple weeks surrounding the closure of The Independent's print publication. And yes, as a young journalist it is rather daunting to see the flop of what feels like yet another print publication, but as 'pro-print' Dominic Ponsford reminded us: the Independent is the first 'proper' newspaper closure since the 80's.  That is of course discounting the naughty News of the World and hundreds of regional papers.

2. 'why do successful local newspapers go on to launch print publications...because it's easier to make money from print'- Dominic Ponsford (Editor of Press Gazette)
Ponsford addressed the 'myth' that there is no money to be made in print.

3. Dominic Ponsford on the benefits of free print:

4. An analogy of the state of print from journalist Jane Singer:


1. Journalist Sarah Lonsdale pointed out the design prowess of today's online publications vs. 'smudgy newsprint'
It's not about the romanticism of print anymore, it's about the success of online publications. Sites such as 'illusion' and The New York Times are achieving etherial design magic through their online publications by seamlessly combining video footage with articles. This level of design prowess can simply not be achieved on 'smudgy newsprint'. 

2. Harriet Swain's cut throat truth:
3. Harriet Swain's comment on the efficiency of print journalism: No more paper clippings in the mail from granny.
4.   Sarah Lonsdale's prediction on the next decade:
Lonsdale predicts that The Guardian will stop publishing Monday-Friday print editions within the next decade or less.

Here's what the audience had to say about the 'pro-print' argument:
It's hard to ignore the sense of impending 'print' doom flying around our journalism community here at City University London, but perhaps we should recognise our journalistic tendency to catastrophize events and accept that we just don't know how the next decade will pan out for journalism. Many people thought TV would be the end of Radio...


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