10 Inexpensive places to take your Mum/Family in London

So Mum's coming to visit and you want to show her a good time without making her pay for everything. Here's where to go...

1. Camden

There's nothing mums love more than a silver jewellery stand and in Camden there's no shortage. The Vintage shops along with the lively buzz of Camden will help you to convince your mum you're not living in a faceless city all alone. Grab a box of curry from the market or a vegan treat from Cookies and Scream.

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2.Covent Garden

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Neal's Yard:

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Restaurant Recommendation: 

Souk Medina, the best Moroccan restaurant in Covent Garden. (3 courses for 4 people without alcohol approx. £80-100)

Bar Recommendation:
The French House, Soho, Francis Bacon's favourite pub that only serves half-pints. A good bit of London history, short walk from Covent Garden. Usually full of artists and arty types.

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3.Brick Lane
This one's for the ex-Londoner mums, they've seen it all back in the 80's/early 90's but regenerated Brick Lane wasn't quite as cool back then. Brick Lane is now over run with fashion students doing what they do best (being ultra-cool). If you like vintage clothes and bagels this is the place to go.

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And if your Mum likes cereal as much as the Hipsters of London you can head into the Cereal Killer Cafe for Brunch.

4. Oxford Street & Carnaby Street

There's really nothing better than a shopping trip with the right person. Head over to Oxford Street for Topshop and many other brands flagship stores. If you're feeling fancy pop into Liberty's and soak up the designer feels.

5. Primrose Hill
For those who want a view of London without paying for a London Eye ticket, Primrose Hill is the answer. Great views both day and night with a small hill to burn off all the treats you've doubtless been eating. Short walk from Camden. (Nearest Tube Station: Chalk Farm)

6. The Sky Garden
Another inexpensive view of the city at the famous 'walkie talkie' building's Sky Garden.

Bookings must be made in advance but the experience is free.
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Weekends: 11am - 9pm

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7. St. Pauls Cathedral
Although it's not cheap to go inside... (Adults: £18 Students: £16) it's still worth a walk around the outside even if you're not willing to stump up the cash. It's located just across the Thames from The Tate Modern and The Globe Theatre which makes it an ideal stop on a little 'culture walk'.

8. The Saatchi Gallery
So it's likely you've been in the Tate Modern one too many times by this point. Why not head over to the historic King's Road and view the famous collections of Charles Saatchi (Nigella Lawson's Ex Husband) for absolutely FREE.

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9. Hyde Park
Depending on the weather and how much exercise you feel like doing Hyde Park can be a lot of fun. Hire a London famous Borris Bike and cycle your way round avoiding the swans. If you feel like it you can even hire a Pedalo.

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10. Portabello Road Market

Vintage eccentricities and yummy food in the one and only Notting Hill's Portabello Road. Better in Summer like most markets. If you prefer only food (fair enough) head to Borough Market, London Bridge.

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Now that you're armed with quirky sightseeing knowledge of London... Good Luck with your stress free family day out. :)