Dear Diary,

There are no words to describe that truly bittersweet feeling you get when you catch yourself thoroughly enjoying life away from people you love so dearly (Mum, Dad and Brother). Even in the second year living away from home, I still get pangs of homesickness pretty routinely. Not because I don't enjoy my 'adult' life away from home , I passionately love London and my friends here, but because my Mum is my best friend and my Dad and Brother aren't far behind.

I know, soppy soppy soppy, but it's a reality of starting adult life that isn't much talked about amongst us young adults. Having to venture into the world as an individual and realising that in your absence your parents have had to start the next chapter of their child-care free lives as well. I feel so lucky to have parents always at the end of the phone through whatever comes my way, in truth I am always humbled that my Dad continues to support me financially and emotionally without question or a hint of bitterness regardless of whether I have or haven't contacted him for two weeks.

The more the harsh realities of adult life dawn on you, the more the boundless generosity of your parents love becomes apparent, for me at least!

Anyway, this is quite an emotional post but as this is 'My Diary' it's only right. I am having a great time with pretty much everything at the moment which has caused me to feel slightly bittersweet and miss my Mum today hence the reflective post.

Much Love,