The Best Youtubers & Youtube Channels to Subscribe to

The way we use Youtube is changing, we head straight to our Subscription box to see what new content our favourite reliable Youtubers have put out rather than searching for that funny cat video.  So here's my short list of people to Subscribe to (minus Youtube giants Zoella and Alfie who you're bound to know). 

In no particular order...

1. The Mitchalaks
If you need a bit of 'cosy cosy' feel on a Sunday this family's Weekly vlog is for you, real life parenthood and relationships portrayed in an arty sometimes uplifting, sometimes solemn way that reminds you to see the beauty in all.

2. Lisa Eldridge 
Make-up artist to the stars Lisa is a cut about the rest when it comes to make-up tutorials. Her tutorials help everyday people to apply perfect make-up with what seems like great humanitarian effort and kindness. She also just has a strangely calming voice.

3. Fun for Louis
Louis Vlog motto 'Peace Out, Live the adventure' pretty much sums up what he does. As a daily vlogger and a 'fun' advocate Louis travels the world exploring with his camera and often his fellow Youtube friends. He is one of the first Youtubers to embrace and use 360° capture in his daily videos.

 4. Glamour Magazine
Sometimes lighthearted but also heartbreakingly poignant on occasion, Glamour Magazine's Youtube channel is not particularly inline with the tone of the magazine. It focuses on people and the complex relationships between them.

5. Hannah Witton
This girl talks about sex a lot, but also other things such as Feminism, Politics and University. I really enjoy the way she covers a topic and often leaves you thinking.

6. Louise 'Sprinkle of Glitter'& 'Sprinkle of Chatter'(vlogging)
Perhaps as well known as Zoella and Alfie (Pointless Blog), Louise is one of the rather lucky 'British Youtube Sensations' who rode the wave into Youtube stardom. By some miracle and great skill on her part she still remains relatable despite her success, unlike many of her counterparts.

7. The Skin Deep
Similar in format to Glamour Magazine's Channel 'The Skin Deep' deals with emotions that are far more than Skin Deep. It touches on Marriage, parenthood and once again Love.

8. Annie Jaffrey
Vegan health and lifestyle Guru Annie is one to follow wether you are Vegan or not (I am most of the time). She consistently creates well thought out inspiring videos which are exactly what you need for inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle. She's constantly glowing with positivity even through her involvement with the recent Youtube 'sexual harassment' scandal surrounding 'Joe Best' and several other Youtubers.

9. Crash Course
I don't know about you but I love watching an informative video from time to time. On days where you want to enlighten yourself or just improve general knowledge for that pub quiz, Crash Course is the place to go.

10. Emily Hart
After finding TV presenting work hard to come by Emily started up her Youtube weekly show, honest and sarcastic she gets her point across in comedic sketches which are usually quite funny.

11. Vogue 
The awkwardly brilliant 73 Questions series, enough said...

12. The Persian Babe
'The Persian Babe' A.K.A Barbara is someone who knows how to do fashion on a budget extremely well. With a few key luxury items thrown in she always creates the right outfit for every occasion.

13. Jenna Marbles
Although Jenna is most definitely Youtube royalty with 15.5m Subscribers, this list just wouldn't feel right without her. And she's so incredibly popular for a reason... just watch.

This took me forever to make as going on Youtube triggers my natural reflex to procrastinate so I hope you enjoy!

Happy Watching! 


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