'Do it Yourself' Gel Nails for Gel Junkies

Sadly not everyone can afford to drop £50-60 on a Gel Manicure every couple of weeks as much as we'd like to so i'll let you into a little secret, the elusive gel manicure can be done at home for a very small price! I get it, looking down at your perfectly shiny, prim and proper gel nails at the end of a long day is the silent congratulations you need for having your life in order and the calm reminder to order the 8ª pizza in place of the 12ª.

Here's my own set up...

If Gels make you feel invincible in a way that regular polish fails to do here's how to DIY cost effectively. Gel junkies look this way ...

1. Buy all the kit you need from Amazon and adopt a DIY attitude.

Here's the definitive list:

Essentials for Gel Polish:
  • You need a UV light (some gel works with LED but not all)

Essentials for Gel Extensions (+ above):

If you're not into having numerous packages arrive throughout the day here's a complete gel nail starter kit (pictured above). It's probably not as good value for money as buying all the items individually but it will mean avoiding the wait for separate deliveries.

2. Educate your inner Beautician
Nows the time to learn 'how to' from where other than a trusty Youtube Video or two...

It is far easier than you imagine!

Safety wise: Be aware that it can get hot when setting a thick layer of gel under the UV light, pay attention so you can remove your hand before this happens. Also when using a UV light it is best to either use sunscreen or UV gloves on your hands so they don't get a weird tan and unnecessary UV light exposure.

Best of Luck :D 

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