Dear Diary,

Today is Sunday but unfortunately i've done nothing but work. For a day of work at home/in the library I feel like I have accomplished more than usual. That being said I still haven't finished the research project I'm doing on 'Brexit' (Britain's exit from the EU) and at one point today I found myself asking a random guy on tinder what he thought of the whole situation in hope of a usable quote. I've learnt a lot about the EU and it's more sinister than I had realised, but so are most things political.

On the way home from the library I tricked myself into thinking I could work in Pret-a-manger but only if I bought myself a soya hot chocolate and calorific chocolate nibble. Needless to say, I bought, I got out my laptop, I ate, I left. Lesson learnt, yet again.

Have had minimal human interaction today which always makes me feel a bit restless and funny. But just heard my flat mate return from a weekend away so will soon be jolly again. - Just spoke to them for a while, flat mate appreciated the pic we sent him of me licking his kitchen utensils while he was away.

Now off to watch Downton Abbey or potentially something happier. 

Night Night,

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