Grab University by the Balls- 5 Pieces of Advice For Freshers

You're packed, prepared and ready to go... and by the way that uncomfortable nostalgia you feel as you glance back at your empty childhood room is perfectly normal. But trust me you'll be back (Summer) and don't worry all your 'stuff' is coming with you, (except for that Katy Perry poster). Here's some valuable advice to help you grab your first year at Uni by the balls...

1. Try Not to Sleep All Day (Even if you're hungover)

Harder than it sounds. However much of a morning person you are there will come a time when the Uni hibernation mode kicks in and sleeping until 2pm becomes inevitable and also worryingly acceptable. Without the sound of your mum shouting 'LLUNNCH' up the stairs it can take super-human energy to overcome this, but if you want to avoid getting behind at uni, weight gain from inactivity (it happens) and generally wasting your life then you should at least try to get up before 12am. But don't be too hard on yourself... you are a student after all.

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2. Don't Worry About Money
Ok do... but only a little bit. Almost every student has to watch what they spend but try not to let budgeting become a constant worry or obsession. The prospect of running out of money to eat is slightly terrifying for new students, but with a couple months of budgeting experience you will quickly learn what you can and can't afford on a weekly basis and develop a sense of what to spend without referring to the budget.

If you want to avoid those 'plleaasee transfer a tenner' calls home read my 21 Essential Items to pack for University  for a list of 'back-up food' to buy.

3. Make Your own Friendship Groups
So this may sound a bit 'secondary school' but everybody needs a good friendship group to fall back on. If you're really lucky you might get a flat which serves as a 'ready-made' friendship group, but if not you will just have to put in a little bit of work and make your own. All 'making your own' requires is introducing people that you like to each other, Uni's a big place and sometimes people who would really get on don't find each other. The more people you introduce the more people you will get introduced to, the more friends you will have and boom all of a sudden you're the most popular kid in halls.


4. When people say 'The First Year doesn't count', don't believe them...
This is propaganda. The ones who do well will be studying in the first year, then they will know how to study in the second year whilst making time for internships, and by third year they have studying down to an art. As your parents might have already told you 'remember what you're there for', University really is about furthering your career prospects.


5.Get to know your town, be a tourist, make it home, talk to locals

First year is the time to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and make the place your home. It makes the whole 'home from home' experience more pleasant for you if you know exactly where the comfiest coffee shops, stress free parks and the wild nights out are. Knowing the area will also make you feel safer in your time at Uni. If you're at Uni in a place like London, try to make specific areas your regular hangout (Camden or Bricklane for example) so that you don't feel overwhelmed by the vastness and end up not ever leaving your room.

Overall have as much consequence free fun as you can, because although contrary to popular belief 'first year does matter' that doesn't stop fun being the most important factor, it's your life!



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