Shot by the Taliban at the age of 15 for seeking an education, today Malala celebrates her 6A*'s and 4A's at GCSE

A heart felt congratulations to Malala Yousafzai for her well earned success at GSCE (6A* & 4A's), achieved against all odds.

Only three years ago Malala was shot point blank in the head by the Taliban in North-west Pakistan on her way to school... for going to school. Since then Malala has continued to fight for girls education globally as an activist, author ('I am Malala') and the youngest Noble Peace Prize laureate, all while studying for her GCSE's. (Scroll to see Malala's new film trailer about her incredible life so far).

Malala's rightfully proud father
Ziauddin Yousafzai (a former headteacher and girls education activist
) tweeted out her results  this morning, we imagine much to the embarrassment of humble Malala.

Malala continues work through 'The Malala Fund', their slogan #booksnotbullets leading the cause. Here is the trailer for 'He Named Me Malala' a film about Malala's incredible life so far (in theatres this October)...

Malala's biography 'I am Malala' is so far from many modern day over embellished bio's, she tells her powerful story with no need for exaggeration. Definitely a must read along with her first blog which she wrote for the BBC under a pseudonym whilst living under Taliban Rule. It reads with the same poignant immediacy of Anne Frank's Diary. Read it here. 

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