How to: Separate Blog posts onto different pages in Blogger.

You have your blog home page featuring all of your posts but now you want to get organised and categorise your blog posts into pages (like the ones shown below). Here's how...

It's true Blogger doesn't make it easy to create a multipage blog. It is almost impossible through it's static 'pages' feature which is only intended to create pages that hold static (not regularly changing) Information such as 'About'.

There is however a sneaky and very easy way around this problem...


Create a 'New Post', it doesn't matter what content you put in this post only that you use the label feature to 'label' the post with the name of the page/category you want to create. (Shown Below). As I wanted to create a category named 'Fashion' for my blog I labelled my blog post 'Fashion'.


Go ahead and Publish this post. I know it's not up to your usual standard of blog post, but trust me.

(You can remove this unfinished blog post after completing all steps listed below.)


Click 'View' on the Post you have just Published. (Shown below)

Now scroll to bottom of post where the labels for the post are shown (as seen below) and click on the label you created which should be linked. 

Once you've clicked on your label link the web address should have changed to something like...

Now select and Copy the whole web-address.


Now return to your Blogger Dashboard and click the 'Layout' tab on the left of the screen.

This will show you the layout of your blog. If you have used a blog template from Blogger you will likely have a layout box named 'cross-column' which holds your 'pages'. Click Edit. (Shown below).

If you have used Template from elsewhere you may have a box named 'main menu'. Click Edit. (see 2nd picture below).

For Blogger Template Users:

For other Template Users (i.e. me):


For Blogger Template Users:

After you've clicked edit a dialogue box should appear named 'Configure Pages'. Click 'Add external link'. (Shown below).

Another dialogue box named 'New Page' should pop up. In the Page title box put the name of the page/category you are creating e.g. Fashion. In the Web address box (arrow points to below) paste the web address you copied in step 3. Click 'Save Link'.

For Other Template Users:

After you've clicked edit a dialogue box should appear named 'Configure Link List'. In the 'New Site Name' Box write the name of the page/category you are creating e.g. Fashion. In the 'New Site URL' paste the web address you copied in step 3. 

Now press 'Add Link' (Shown below).

Once you've pressed 'Add Link' the 'page' should appear in the list. You can use the small arrows by the side of the page name to change it's position in the list. 
Now scroll down and click 'Save' (Shown Below).


Now view your blog. With any luck your new page should appear on the main menu or 'pages list' of your blog like so...

Any questions please feel free to comment. 


  1. I have inspired to your 5 tips for how to separate blog,so i used your formula and i beneficial to your post.Thank you many many for sharing a valuable post.

  2. Nice full detailed article....really helpfull
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  3. How do you customize your labels widget? I've been trying to change the font and the bullet point, but I haven't found a solution. Would you also help me customize my blog archive? I can't seem to find a template. Would really appreciate the help!

    Thank you!

    my blog:

    Just so you can see how the label and blog archive widgets look like!

    1. I personally use templates available on Etsy, html and css are hard to integrate to templates made by others in their own way so If you would like complete customisation I would attempt to code your own template. Sorry I can't be much more help.

  4. Hi, may I know how to make a drop-down list for my tab?
    Eg, when hover on "Fashion", title of posts are shown in the drop-down list, then only user is able to choose a particular post they interested in; Instead of straight landing on the "Fashion" page which consists of multiple post entries.

    Appreciate your help :)

    1. You go to Layout, Main menu as before then you make a list Item in the usual way except that for items you wish to appear as drop downs you put _ before the word. So if you wanted your list Fashion to drop down with Shoes as an option you would place Shoes under Fashion in the list and write _Shoes instead of shoes. Hope you get the hang of this, it's more simple than it sounds.

  5. hi, thank you for this post - exactly what I needed.

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  7. am so much impressed...but I still have one question.
    i have created the page,now how can i link some post to that page so that when visitors clickon the page,they could be able to see some post related to the page


  8. This would have been a very interesting discussion to be a part of!! Lucky you!! Funny you mention, Julianna because I always get emails from her! lol!

  9. Thank you. This is helpful, have been looking for a way for a while now. Am new to blogger.

  10. Thank you. This is helpful, have been looking for a way for a while now. Am new to blogger.

  11. Thank you. This is helpful, have been looking for a way for a while now. Am new to blogger.

  12. Excellent explanation, thanks! One more question, how do I make the button for these links a jpeg image? Thanks!b

  13. Hello,
    This is a really helpful post!
    I was just wondering, once you have created the pages and added the blog posts that relate to those pages, is it possible to create a short introductory text that will go with the page, which is not a blog post, but static text describing what that page is about?
    Thank you very much,

    1. Hello, I wish to do the same... and have been trying to figure out a way to do it. also to have a welcome post for home page. but all my new post are showing on home page...
      If you have found a way to have those introductory post do let me know.

    2. I'm unsure as I haven't done this myself... but I think you can do this by writing a blog post as normal and setting the date of the blog post way in the future... it is ordered by date so it will always remain at the top. This is how I have been advised to do it in the past. Let me know if it works!

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  22. Thank you, I was able to make separate pages for my labeled posts! Although I want to get rid of the "Showing Posts with the label ___......SHOW ALL" box that is near the top of the page. All of the google searches say to erase a code and replace it with different HTML code, but that code does not exist in my Contemp theme. PLEASE HELP! Thanks

  23. Hi, what happen if your multiple long post merge into 1 page?Doesn't it make it longer?

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